To comply with regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), logging firms are required to provide emergency plans prior to the start of ground operations. These plans include access routes and directions from logging sites to emergency personnel locations (EPL), such as hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. 

This web-based application is designed to generate least-travel-time routes from EPL to any logging site within the state of Kentucky. 

This tool was developed with the support of the Central Appalachian Region Education and Research Center, part of the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention funded by NIOSH. 


  • Pan around and zoom in on the map to identify the location of the logging site
  • Click the "Calculate routes" button on the top left corner to generate the optimized routes
  • Scroll down to see directions from the closest EPL to the logging site

Please note that:

  • The marker indicating the logging site can be dragged to improve the accuracy of its location
  • THe marker indicating the access point can also be dragg if needed to specific location along existing roads
  • Once the map is clicked to identify the location of the logging site, an infowindow appears displaying its lat/long and the address of the closest point on an existing road
  • After routes are generated, infowindows appear alongside the routes displaying mileage and travel time
  • By default, directions are displayed from the EPL to the logging site, but reverse directions can be obtained by clicking the "Reverse" button on top of the directions panel
  • Individual routes can be dragged if needed, but please be aware that this might result in sub-optimal routes


Heatmaps showing least-travel distance and time over the entire state of Kentucky were created to visualize isolated areas


University of Kentucky Department of Forestry

University of Kentucky Department of Forestry Extension

Central Appalachian Regional ERC